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I Meme Everything

MemberGiganMay-27-2019 6:21 PM

The movie’s generally the same until Joe’s death. Ford becomes vengeful and determined to kill the MUTO. He generally has more charisma and sarcasm in his personality. Once he, Serizawa, and Graham board the USS Saratoga, they learn of the existence of Godzilla and the MUTOs’ backstory. Ford and Serizawa butt heads because of their differing views on Godzilla; Ford views him as a threat while Serizawa sees him as the savior of the planet.


Everything else is the same until Ford goes to Hawaii. Here, we actually see the fight between Godzilla and the male MUTO. Ford watches the fight with resentment towards both Kaiju. When the ships are following Godzilla across the ocean, he asks them to open fire on him, but they decline his requests. The female MUTO emerges in Nevada, and Monarch realizes that this one is a female, and she is communicating with the flying one, the male.


Admiral William Stenz authorizes the creation of the Oxygen Destroyer and has it filled with radiation as bait for the MUTOs and Godzilla. It is delivered via train, and Ford is part of the team. In San Francisco, its timer is set, but the male MUTO steals it and brings it to the female. They use the radiation to feed their eggs.


Ford talks to his wife about the monsters and his wishes to destroy them before he and the strike team enter the city via HALO jump. They find the Oxygen Destroyer and the team, except for Ford, carries it to a boat to get it away from the city. Ford blows up the nest and is nearly killed by the female, but gets saved by Godzilla using his atomic breath. He smiles at Godzilla before continuing to get away.


Godzilla kills the male MUTO by slamming him into a skyscraper with his tail, but it pins him under the rubble. Ford sees this and briefly pets him on the snout before continuing towards the boat, where the female MUTO is attacking the team. He manages to start it with the Oxygen Destroyer, but the female’s EMP stops the boat. Before she can kill Ford, Godzilla kills her in the same way he did in the actual film.


Ford sacrifices himself and is disintegrated by the Oxygen Destroyer far from shore. His wife and son mourn his death while Godzilla returns to the sea.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

6 Replies


MemberTitanosaurusMay-27-2019 6:24 PM

Not bad. I really like that you used the Oxygen Destroyer.


Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


MemberRodanMay-27-2019 6:35 PM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberRodanMay-27-2019 6:57 PM

I like how you made Ford more likable, making his death more tragic and even more heroic in a way. I also how like how you used the Oxygen Destroyer.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


ModeratorGiganMay-27-2019 7:52 PM

Better ending.

Good grief.


MemberAnguirusMay-27-2019 11:57 PM


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

Chenni Adiaman

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-08-2019 6:42 PM

  I'm back, and I have a new story idea.
I have run Into a creative slump with Godzilla: Malevolent Waters and thus wll not continue until I have renewed inspiration on that project, Instead, being freshfrom watching the 2014 movle in theaters, I wll be putting together a rtelling of the events of the movle in the manner I would have lked to have seen them go

First major change: Godzlla will be a true ant-hero, You wHl not know whether to root for him or wish for his destruction. And when the. Admiral says thelr best
bet to destroy them is to use the nuclear bomb, you'll be leaning towards agreeing with him..

Second, Joe Brody won't die. He's going to remain on board for the long haul.-
And the last change I5 going to be some of the character dynamics. Ford Is going to be more proactive and engaging, as ATJ lacked that sense of urgency anddread bulding up !In the soul of someone who's famlly was In immedlate danger the whole time. Elle Brody Is going to be more like a woman with a husband who's
trying to fght monsters and a son who's in the danger zone with her as opposed to a woman who's taking things a litt to smoothly given the nature ot the
evenEs surrounding her.

I hope you guys enjoy this project!
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