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Should there be a Monster for Godzilla to fight in G2016?

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MemberMothra LarvaeNov-13-2015 10:20 AM

I certantly would not mind at all, since Japan is now entering their skills with CGI effects. I think it might end up looking pretty cool. Just like how Gamera did in the new Gamera trailer, little iffy but none the less great.

I would love a Bad ass Godzilla villain or Anti-Hero. I do not want a hero Godzilla cause its way too kid friendly for me. BTW I am working on a speculation Drawing of what G 2016 might possibly/should look like.

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MemberMothra LarvaeNov-13-2015 2:54 PM

id rather just have godzilla for right now but thats just me

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaNov-13-2015 9:29 PM

The more I think about it the more I'd rather have just another solo Godzilla movie at this point. However if there is another monster in the movie I won't exactly cry either.

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MemberBaragonNov-14-2015 2:28 PM

Well, let's see. "Greatest worst nightmare." No. It's been 30 plus years now since the last solo Toho Godzilla film. I think it's time for another.

I wouldn't be fully against another monster being in the film but, quite honestly, we don't need another "Anti-Hero"  film because it's been to death and becomes rather boring. 

My hopes are that "Shin" Godzilla is solo, successful, and has great characters who can carry the movie from beginning to end. I'm not too worried about the special effects at this point because Shinji Higuchi knows what he's doing.

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MemberTitanosaurusNov-15-2015 3:38 AM

You know what would be cool? If, instead of fighting another monster as an anti-hero, Godzilla fights another monster for getting in his way of trying to destroy Japan! Like a territorial dispute or something, kinda like how two predator species often will try and eliminate each other if either is on each other's turf. Only in this case, the dispute determines who gets to destroy Japan, and neither is particularly pleasant.

Top Hat Gyaos

MemberMothra LarvaeNov-15-2015 7:44 AM

How about a scenario where Godzilla is still the main villain, but fights something like a hero or guardian monster (Think of the guardians from GMK), but Goji still whoops their butt? This could be used in a way that proves how destructive and unstoppable Godzilla truly is, without risk of making him the anti-hero.

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MemberBaragonNov-15-2015 8:05 AM

I mean, no other monster has been talked about, and filming has already been just about wrapped up. Shinji Higuchi has been wrapping up the special effects work for about 2-3 weeks now. 

I really don't see another monster being in this film. Especially since Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi are putting the fear back into Godzilla. "Shin" representing all three "true, new, God " that should be a dead give away that Godzilla is gearing up for a solo film. 

After watching Attack on Titan live action last night, Godzilla should be very terrifying in terms of looks. As much as many want another monster, I really just don't see or feel another is needed at this point. 

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MemberBaragonNov-15-2015 9:52 AM

As long as the other monster isn't Ghidorah, Mothra, or MechaGodzilla I'd be fine with there being another.


Not much as been released about this film in the west at least, so I don't think the fact no other monster has been mentioned is much of an indication, or the name shin and it's meaning in japanese. 


AdminSpaceGodzillaNov-15-2015 10:04 AM

I'd say why not. Although with every Toho "reboot" of its franchise it always sees Godzilla in a solo setting. Monsters are nice as it detracts from the slight redundancy. You can only tell Godzilla's origin story so many different ways. 

What I'm more curious about is if this new film will discount anything shown in Legendary's Godzilla, like they did for Emmerich's Godzilla back in '98. I would hope not though.

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MemberBaragonNov-15-2015 3:35 PM

One of Gman2887' s articles reveals the cast and story plot.

I can't paste the link but, it says that the actress plays the heroin in the film and it also says "like the 54' original film, this will be one of the strongest in the series."


If you look it up on Wikipedia (even though everyone should take a grain of salt with Wikipedia) it only claims Godzilla as the main monster. 

The point is, we're to far into the film wrapping up production and everything else. I mean, Gamera 2015 has another monster in it but, shouldn't Godzilla go solo? It's been 30 plus years now since the last solo Godzilla film from Toho. 

I know I'm being a bit of a brat because I want a solo film but, I think it would far succeed the box office in Japan. Not to mention, it would seperate Toho's from legendary's in a huge way.

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Something Real

MemberGodzillaNov-15-2015 3:47 PM

KAIJUJIRA - After careful consideration, I am hoping that Shin-Gojira will feature only Godzilla. It has been far too long since Godzilla has had a chance to take out his full aggression on his creators without another beastie stepping on his toes! :)


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-15-2015 6:52 PM

My overall feeling and impression about Shin Gojira is that it will be a solo film, with the focus on Godzilla as an unstoppable, incomprehensible threat.

If, Godzilla is portrayed, actualized in the way we anticipate (and hope), there won't be a need for another monster.

However, having said this, another kaiju could be a great element if:

(1) The enemy kaiju is something new and memorable, shocking even

(2) It has meaning, in that it is a symbol as well as being an actual creature

Symbol or not, the effects are going to have to be of high convincibility so that we can buy into what we're seeing (even while enjoying the traditional Japanese special effects).

With the VFX/SPX being helmed by Shinji Higuchi, along with his love for, and devotion to, tokusatsu, I am reasonably assured that a beautiful and stunning experience is awaiting us in Shin Gojira.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-15-2015 7:29 PM

This anticipatory phase of Shin Gojira is reminiscent of following the production progress of Godzilla 2000 Millennium in 1999.

For me, there's enjoyment in merely awaiting new information about the film. And, so far, it's been all good.

Then there's the speculation followed by actual production results. This is great fun and highly enjoyable.

I think the next thing could be a glimpse of the Godzilla design. And, if it's not totally disclosed (at least, at first), then that's even better. If this makes sense. A little tease at this phase would only heighten my anticipation.


MemberBaragonNov-16-2015 4:43 AM

I'm rooting for a kick-ass solo film, with a hint/inference at the very end that something else is out there, without actually showing it.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-16-2015 6:07 AM


"I'm rooting for a kick-ass solo film, with a hint/inference at the very end that something else is out there, without actually showing it."

I like this. Actually, this is a great idea. Right at the end.

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MemberGiganApr-17-2016 7:59 AM

Godzilla's badass new design has been revealed.  I hope he fights the fiercely territorial 2014 Godzilla, who may be an anti-hero. 

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