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Was Godzilla save the earth a dissapointment compared to Godzilla Destroy all monsters melee

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MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-03-2015 5:22 AM

So I recently got godzilla save the earth and the problems just came to me edmently. For one the game is slow paced. For melee each battle takes about a minute but save the earth it takes about five minets. Also you can't block revover moves you can't block from behind you can't crouch block you can't do anything with blocking. Also they got rid of crouch attacks for some stupid reason. Now for the graphics that don't mean really anything to a game are not as good as they where in melee. The models now ar just so blockey espcilly with gigan who looks like good N64 graphics and that is terrible for a ps2 game. Also the challenges are so annoying. The camera system in the is so slugish you move the charater wiith on joy stick and aim with the other wich requairs two thumbs keeping you from the attack buttons. Just designed for failere. Now I could go on and on about it gitting rid of little triks like y canceling wich is when you do a roar tauntou can cancelle it by pressing y but then again those are bugs that kind of do need to be fixed. But by far the biggest problem is no mael book. How am I supposed to know how to use speacail abiltes like mothras beam reflect or spacegodzillas heal abiltey. Well good thing there is the internet to tell me that but still thouhgt game give me a manule for this kind of stuff. I just am not a fan of the new gameplay of this game and you know what I'm going bakc to melee. Oh also the game is very buggy and crashes some times if played for more than 20 minetes but that might just be me.

31 Replies


MemberBaragonJun-02-2021 12:06 PM

Is that why unleashed was better on the wii?

"I have already won"
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