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AdminSpaceGodzillaMar-05-2013 3:21 PM

Think back, way back to when you saw your first Godzilla movie. What made you a fan of Godzilla initially? Was it the look of Godzilla himself? Was it the story? What made you a fan? Let us know by replying below!

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Im Lim Chen Hao!

MemberBaragonMay-12-2022 11:24 PM

Oh you must be hinikuna! My brother told me about you, So what do I do?


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-23-2022 1:15 PM

I come from a family of heavily mixed ethnicity across Asia. Most of all, I am Taiwan aborigine - Japanese. My people were enslaved by Japanese during the war and persecuted mercilessly if we didn’t throw our ancient culture away and adapt the Japanese lifestyle. I am not sore towards my Japanese family, history is a nasty thing, but I feel for my Japanese family too. They lost everything during the war, experienced Atomic hellfire, and their friends fallen from the aftermath.


Godzilla, has united my family from both ends. Godzilla has created unity, and for that I am grateful beyond words. My Japanese ancestors had been following Godzilla from the very beginning since it first released. My indigenous tribe appreciate the accuracy and respect to our culture portrayed in Mothra’s films. Even since the 1960s, portraying native culture not as cannibalistic savages, but sympathetic beings who have been bothered too many times by invaders. And the lore across Mothra’s character is incredible and contrasts so well to my culture, while still a fresh take in their own right.


I have watched every Godzilla movie since Godzilla VS Biollante (1989) when they debut in theatres whenever I visited my family in Japan, and watched every last Godzilla movie through subsequent home-video release. Over my childhood into my adulthood, I have acquired a vast Godzilla collection, and I love to read the supplemental details from the books and novelization, or the old pamphlets they given out at the theatres.


P.S, I despise the new American Monsterverse with a burning passion, but the 2014 film is okay, before they franchise it.

Sayhan Ali

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-23-2022 9:00 PM

My first year of encountering the interest in Godzilla The King of The Monsters Himself was all the way back in the year completely complete named and legiterally/literally called "2014" and all the way back then in that year I was 6 years old and I encountered the interest in him on a "2014" Godzilla Movie TV Spot and that's the only one epic, awesome, precious, based and cool moment part where I first got the encounter of my first time having interest because then after that I legiterally/literally just went immediately/instantly drawing him on paper when I 6 years old that time in the year completely complete named and legiterally/literally called "2014" but finally now like 8 or 9 years later I am like 13 years old during now in this year 2022 and I am still a OG godzilla fan still loving the MV Titanus Godzilla Incarnation aka MV Titanus G21-22 and the only reason why I say "22" in the name MV Titanus G21-22 because I first of all know that he is/he's gonna have a TV Series Show/Show Series this year and also "Godzilla Vs Kong 2" aka The 2nd Sequel GVK Movie LOL


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-30-2022 5:21 PM

um so i watched the evelotion of godzilla and boom now im a godzilla fan



MemberMothra LarvaeJul-21-2022 8:36 AM

My intro came from one of two films from the Showa era. At my advanced age (LOL), I really can’t remember which was first, so we’ll just call it “my first two” - “Godzilla vs. The Thing” and “Destroy All Monsters”. These led to me looking out for any Godzilla films showing on my local late-night Friday/afternoon Saturday horror/monster movie shows in the mid-1970s. So soon after seeing those two, I found “Godzilla, King of the Monsters”, “King Kong vs. Godzilla” and “Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster”. And by that point, I was hooked. I think it was the thought of some bigger-than-life (literally) characters on my TV screen grabbing my attention with a death grip and not letting go. 


MemberMothra LarvaeAug-15-2022 11:56 AM

I've been a big fan of Godzilla movies most of my life but what really got me back into Godzilla in recent years was watching Shin Godzilla and Gojira yesterday and ereyesterday. Really wish more Godzilla films captured the energy of those two. MGK is a really good contender although I have to admit that a part of me likes the cheesy beat-em-ups like GvK and Final Wars.

If I die in this world Who will know something of me? I am lost, no-one knows, There's no trace of my yearning


MemberBaragonOct-31-2022 11:36 AM

Seeing how people misunderstand him for a giant creature who seemingly wants to only destroy earth and human-kind, but then realize he is only trying to protect earth and his home, plus It EPIC 

when the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace

Jim in Seattle

MemberMothra LarvaeNov-12-2022 5:47 PM

I can't remember the exact order, but I remember "Godzilla vs The Thing" making a huge impression on me on TV. Godzilla was the ultimate bad ass. Then over the years, I went to see Toho films multiple times at the drive-in. I saw "Destroy All Monsters" followed by "Frankenstein Conquers the World" and then a few years later, "Godzilla vs The Smog Monster" which was started at DUSK so it was hard to see things clearly. As I got older, I saw films on TV, Super 8 movies...and now DVDs. And now I can watch just about any G film on my phone. Incredible. 


MemberBaragonDec-04-2022 3:09 AM

the first godzilla movie i watched was the orignal 1954 so probably the design and everyone screaming



HELLO THERE, i am a person


MemberBaragonDec-06-2022 12:28 PM

What he stands for made me a fan

when the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace


MemberBaragonJan-06-2023 8:25 AM

my guitar teacher he was a huge fan of godzilla I'm a fan of kong

godzilla is epic

MemberMothra LarvaeJan-18-2023 9:33 AM

i saw it when i was 6 it was on tv at the point where the hokmuto gets fly swated by godzilla and then i saw after a while godzilla use the kiss of death on the femuto and i was like"dat cool"The End



MemberMothra LarvaeJan-19-2023 7:38 AM

Even from its original release, Godzilla received acclaim for its symbolical indictment of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States, both warning of the horrors of further nuclear war and mourning the national loss of life and innocence from World War II


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-31-2023 3:01 PM

I remember my first Godzilla movie was Godzilla vs Biolante, and I remember my dad pulling the vhs out of a shopping bag when I was a kid. He used to love the old movies and he saw me starting to show an interest in them through toys I'd found and things I'd learned from friends at school. Biolante was one he hadn't seen and he thought we should watch it together. I remember being super excited that I finally was going to see Godzilla in action, and I was not disappointed! Seeing a Godzilla plant wrecking Tokyo and then this awesome giant lizard come to kick its ass was amazing. Since then we watched a bunch together, and he may not realize it but he started some of my favorite memories.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-20-2023 3:03 PM

I saw my first Godzilla movie when I was about four years old in 1973. I don't remember which it was, but I sat in marvel as this giant beast demolished everything. Kids love breaking things, and that's what he did! We related.


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-18-2023 1:48 PM

it was when i saw my first movie Godzilla vs Gigan.


Movie Sign

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-11-2023 11:37 AM

My first G film was King Kong vs. Godzilla, back in the late 60s on TV. I was hooked from then on.

Yes, I know I am old.

Withering Howl

MemberMothra LarvaeAug-29-2023 12:57 PM

The first ever Godzilla film I saw was the one back in 2014. At that time, I was very young and had no idea who Godzilla was and didn't pay that much attention to the movie. But when Godzilla actually appeared on screen, it was a scene I could never forget. The sheer size of Godzilla, his roar, his face and his overall build instantly caught my young eye. I fell in love with the character ever since, and probably my favorite part about him was his atomic breath. I had never seen anything like it before, and since that day I started researching more into the lore behind Godzilla as a whole, not just the Legendary monsterverse. He's just so overpowered and he was the very first kaiju I was introduced to. The very first monster movie I ever watched. I loved everything about Godzilla and I still back the G man today. Go team Gojira!


MemberMothra LarvaeOct-27-2023 12:07 PM

I'll admit, as a kid, I wasn't all that into Godzilla. It looked far too cheesy for me to appreciate. Now, I'll also admit, I haven't watched the old Godzilla movies and my first time liking it was the American 1998 version. It was Shin Godzilla that made me love him and really wish they would continue it. Really excited for Godzilla Minus One.

Hat asher

MemberMothra LarvaeNov-15-2023 9:04 AM

When I was little, I saw the 2014 movie Godzilla in the theater with my parents and was amazed by its power and grandeur. Back then, I didn't know it was a reboot of the 1998 film, I just enjoyed it. I was fascinated by how Godzilla fought the MUTO and protected humanity. After that, I started watching all the Godzilla movies I could find. Godzilla is the king of monsters!


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-05-2023 7:31 AM

I watched my first Godzilla movies growing up near Detroit in the 1960s. I think I fell in love because at my young age I loved the action and excitement of the movies, but also loved they gave him a personality in some of the movies, as in he could be a protector too. I even enjoyed the silliness of some of the movies like “Son of Godzilla.”


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-03-2024 9:12 PM

My first experience was godzilla 98. I actually am probably the only person from fethiye tours that likes this film and loved the animated series. But when I saw legendary godzilla for the first time in  2014, I became a fan for live 


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-19-2024 9:54 AM

My dad took me to see Godzilla 1985 in a theater. It blew me away. After the film he took me to an ice cream shop down the street where the owner had a huge display of Kaiju toys and figures on display. My dad bought me my first Godzilla figure there. I've been an otaku ever since! 

Return of Godzilla (1984) is still one of my favorites in the franchise! It is also my favorite soundtrack in the series, aside from Ifukube, whose in a class by himself!


MemberMothra LarvaeFeb-28-2024 3:22 PM

As a long-time dinosaur fan I greatly enjoyed most of the Godzilla films. I really like his portrayal in these films, a legendary figure who excited and frightened me at the same time.

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