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Conflicting feelings about Monsterverse

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MemberMothra LarvaeDec-15-2023 11:21 PM

Idk how to feel about it anymore. Like I’ve been so impressed with Legacy of a monsters because it has such an engaging storyline, and I love the characters! (Plus LGBTQ+ rep is great I was pleasantly surprised) And it has had a great share of world building that makes Monarch feel so much more interesting and threatening. The tone is similar to the G14’ and it really rekindled my love for Monsterverse, specially cause G14’ got me into Godzilla. That being said tho, like MV the movies really seems to being going into a direction I don’t like. First of all I will finally admit, KOTM is a mess (still love it though), but seeing the Godzilla x Kong trailer had me so dissapointed. Like the vibe is just the same all the time just like “Everything we thought is wrong… (ominous music) then Monsters fighting.”

Like I’ve been pitched that 3 times. It’s just kind of boring. 

But my heart like Legacy of Monsters is so so good. (Not like minus one good but like that gotta be better than the og Godzilla)


So yeah I hope Godzilla gets a stand alone movie soon, and that MV learns from Legacy. 

And the crazy thing bout Legacy is that like I want to see more of these characters. And Millie Bobby brown ain’t doin that for me. Ford is also just literally dry as hell. 

I don’t really know what else I was gonna say but I just needa rant place.

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