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MemberMothra LarvaeMar-29-2020 8:22 PM

Hello All

I know it's been a long time since the film's release. But maybe reading some reviews may still be attractive to some Godzilla fans.

I will first discuss the weaknesses of this film. From the beginning, Michael Dougherty, the director of the film, interacted with fans of the Godzilla series of cyberspace in an attempt to offset expectations that were not met in the previous film. The main criticism of viewers for Goodzilla 2014 was that the film had a slow rhythm and the viewer had to wait long to see Godzilla. So Dougherty made his film faster, but the problem is that the rhythm of this movie has become too fast! For example, in the first quarter of the film, the viewer encounters Godzilla and King Ghidorah in addition to Mothra, and the two monsters are immediately involved! This has caused the viewer to see the excitement of the two monsters and their battle at first, and there is no excitement to watch the film continue. It was expected that the two main monsters of the film (Godzilla and Ghidorah) would be expected to be introduced to the viewer in the middle of the film. The film also has other weaknesses. For example, some characters seem to be redundant. Dr. Emma Russell's and Alan Jonah's intent to wake the Kaijus is also superficially written. The most important film that had such an idea was Avengers: Infinity War. In that film, too, Thanos intended to restore equilibrium to the ground by destroying half of the humans. But the level of these two characters are far apart.

But the question is, in spite of these weaknesses, was this film deserving of a low score by critics? In my opinion no way! The weaknesses I described were even more prominent in the previous two films (Godzilla 2014 and Kong: Skull Island), but critics gave them higher ratings. Just for example, if you remove the entire Brody family (played by Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Carson Bolde) from the script, it almost has no effect! Or in Kung: Skull Island, you know nothing of the human characters and they are just in the movie because they should be!

One of the criticisms of this film is why people were so poorly portrayed! This criticism is truly a masterpiece! Because this film is made with the sole purpose of saying that humans, despite their great pride, are very small and weak in the face of God and the universe. The purpose of the film is to remind people not to be so arrogant about conquering everything for themselves. Humans are destroying nature and waging war and killing to gain power and wealth. But the same people are completely defenseless and weak when exposed to earthquakes, floods or tornadoes. And this movie wants to remind people of that.

If you have seen the movie posters in full, the four main Kaijus of the film - Godzilla, Guidora, Matra, and Rodan - each have their own special poster designed in a specific color. Godzilla poster = blue Ghidorah poster = yellow Mothra poster = green Rodan poster = red We also see in the film that Godzilla lives in the water. Rodan On The Mountain Volcano. Mothra closes the cocoon and dips it to grow. And Ghidorah launches a storm as it moves. But what do these issues have to do with each other? It has long been believed that the universe consists of four basic elements. Water, wind, soil and fire. They represent these elements in four colors. They show water in blue, soil in green (due to the growth of green plants from soil), fire in red, and wind in yellow. Just like the color of movie posters. Look at the posters again; you will see that the element for each is quite evident in the poster. Water and soil are considered vital elements and fire and wind represent the wrath of nature. In this film, we face two monsters who symbolize the wrath of nature. Ghidorah symbolizes the air that has become a storm, and Rodan symbolizes the fire that comes out of the volcano and destroys everything in its path. As we can see in part of the film, when Rodan flies over the city, he destroys everything in his path. The arrogant people at first think that they can control nature themselves, so they fight Ghidorah and Rodan. But at the end of the battle there is nothing but destruction. Until they learn that the only thing that can control the anger of nature is nature itself. This is where they turn to water (Godzilla) and soil (Mothra). In the film, Mothra and Godzilla are said to have a strong bond. Just as trees and plants, as a symbol of nature, flow from water and soil. Elsewhere, matra symbolizes "woman". There he comes with Godzilla's help, and at the same moment, the camera shows Dr. Ling (a woman). And while Mothra knows she can't compete with Ghidorah, she attacks Ghidorah just to motivate Godzilla. Mothra is killed and her soul is transferred to Godzilla's body. As in the real world, when another man is unable to fight life, it is the woman who can wake that man again to fight.

The second layer - the battle of good and evil
In one part of the movie, Ghidorah comes from another world and is not ours. In another part of the film, Godzilla fights against Ghidorah, in which one of Ghidorah's heads is cut off and Ghidorah is defective. Humans decide to send a missile that breaks both, but it only kills Godzilla (Of course, contrary to humans imagination Godzilla survives). And then one of the actors says: "Do we killed our chance against Ghidorah with our own hands?" Then we see Ghidorah standing in the same imperfect state, over the volcano, opening her wings and summoning her companions (the other Kaijus). While at the corner of the picture we see a cross. But what is the meaning of this part?

Satan is from fire and not from our world. Humans had a savior (Jesus) who could defeat Satan, but with their own hands they crucified him, whose only chance was to defeat Satan. This savior is not dead but alive and will come back soon. But before the reappearance of the Savior, the devil introduces himself as the Jesus, which is why the devil is called the Antichrist. One of the devil's eyes is blind and has a single eye and has a flawed face, just like Ghidorah standing on a mountain with a head lost. The antichrist symbolizes the incomplete pyramid and one eyed above it, and Ghidorah stands on a defective mountain and introduces himself instead of Christ (the cross is the corner of the picture). But in the end, Christ comes back again (the God of the Son, or as Mark Russell and Dr. Stanton put it: God Zilla), and not only defeats the Antichrist, whom his followers bow to Christ this time.

When Dr. Serizawa charges Godzilla with atomic materials, an explosion occurs and the devil's statue in "The Exorcist movie (1973)" as well as an Obelisk is burned.

Result At first I said that the original story of the film was not very interesting and appropriate. But I believe that the subsequent events that occur after awakening the Kaijus will continue to be reasonably attractive. Madison's attempt to make up for her mother's mistake and change Dr. Emma Russell's mindset and behavior, and especially her last sacrifice to her family, was very nice. Reviews have repeatedly stated that humans had no role in the film! This is really weird. Here are some examples of the positive and negative impact of humans in this film:

1 - It was Dr. Emma Russell who awakened the Kaijus 2 - Monarch save lives by dragging Rodan to Ghidorah and removing him from the city. 3 - It was Dr. Serizawa who, by charging Godzilla, prepared him for the battle against Ghidorah. 4 - Madison drove Ghidorah to the sports stadium using the Orka machine 5 - Mark Russell and Emma Russell, who repaired the Orka machine and dragged Ghidorah behind, provided Godzilla with the opportunity to revive him, otherwise Ghidorah had killed him.

I really don't know what effect humans should have on the story anymore! In addition, the battle of the Kaijus, the action of the film and the special effects are great and satisfy the viewer to see a hit film in the genre. In the end, though it has some weaknesses, it is, in my opinion, the best Godzilla film I have seen so far, far better than Godzilla 2014 and Kong: Skull Island. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Godzilla vs Kung, and I hope the monster world of Warner Brothers continues. Of course, this time with stronger stories. My rating: 7 out of 10.

Good luck

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