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Who do you think will show up in Godzilla Vs Kong (2020)?

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Godzilla's biggest fan!

MemberMothra LarvaeMar-15-2019 4:07 PM

i mean a lot of Monsters could show up in the movie but what do you think?

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MemberRodanMar-15-2019 6:27 PM

Godzilla, Kong, Rodan, some other titans

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Im Durp

MemberBaragonMar-16-2019 1:43 PM

I'd like for it to just be Godzilla and Kong 


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-17-2019 5:41 AM

Just a rumor, but I read that this movie will be similar to Batman vs Superman

Godzilla and Kong will start off fighting at first, but King Gidorah will return, and it will take both Godzilla and Kong to defeat him.

Mr. Movie

MemberMothra LarvaeJun-06-2019 7:00 AM

I think King Kong and Godzilla for sure. I guess there is really two ways they could do this. They could make teams or they could just have Godzilla and Kong fight by them selves. Although from the last one I think it will be pretty hard to do that because Godzilla is now king of monsters and it is hard for the other monsters not to fight back. I really don't know how it will end either. The only thing I really don't want to happen is they both to work it out by saying my moms name was Martha too. Otherwise I cannot wait to see the ending to this film. Also I think if this film does good the monsterverse will continue. If they don't I think the Japanese will keep making Shin Godzilla. So I really hope Godzilla vs Kong does good and bring in new fans to the monster verse.


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-11-2019 9:54 PM

I think mecha king ghidorah will show up


MemberBaragonJun-12-2019 4:23 AM

I heard from a source close to legendary that Mechagodzilla will be in the film, and Kong will have an axe type weapon he uses against Godzilla. And just so you guys know, This person was right about everything they said about kotm.


MemberBaragonJun-12-2019 8:01 AM

Godzilla and Kong obviously.

Rodan and Mothra Possibly, they really teased Mothra's egg and stuff like that.

The other Legendary titans may show up. Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah, and maybe even unseen titans, like Leviathan, Baphomet, and others.

A mecha-Kaiju seems likely, since in the newspaper articles there is an article about some sort of mechanical thing monarch is building. Could be an upgraded Argo, or MechaGodzilla. 

We could even see Ghidorah again, or Mecha King Ghidorah, but I have a feeling they are saving him for a future film.

Kamoebas V.6

MemberTitanosaurusJul-12-2019 11:33 AM

Maybe some evil guy would recreate Mecha King Ghidorah and Godzilla and Kong would need to team up to defeat him,maybe Rodan ,Scylla,Behemoth,Mothra and Methuselah may show up, i don't know if M.U.T.O Prime will show up.


MemberGiganJul-12-2019 11:04 PM

I think Ghidorah can just regenerate from that head alone, I mean that would add a level of nightmare fuel. King Ghidorah is a tough son of a bitch to kill!


Kaiju Kong

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-14-2019 1:59 PM

I would like to see Kong and Godzilla the same height. And as they fight, perhaps Destoroyah will show up. 

Fanboy dream Gamera shows up. Not gonna happen but one can dream. 


MemberAnguirusAug-06-2019 12:44 PM

If they used the Oxygen Destroyer, then Destoroyah might show up. I hope.


Or Ghidorah, idk.

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-11-2021 3:03 PM
  • The worst part in Godzilla Vs Kong was it's predictibility
  • Everyone knew Godzilla and Kong will fight and then they will teamUp against a Bigger threat
  • The best part for me
  • We now know who is the real king , Kong gave a tough fight but Man Godzilla Showed the dominance forpc jiofi.local.html
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