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MemberMothra LarvaeJul-18-2018 2:43 PM

Hi everyone, going to monarchsciences.com allows you to look at certain Monarch Outposts, there are many scattered all over the world (possibly hinting to many different Kaiju), but you are only able to select 3. Outpost 56 in Isla De Mona in Mexico, Outpost 32 in Antartica and Outpost 61 in Yunnan Rainforest in China.

Each have classification levels that need to be unlocked to get more info on the creatures at those outposts.


Outpost 56 is Rodan, here is his info from base level access.

Monarch Designation: Rodan

Classification: Titanus Rodan

Nature: Bio-Volcanic

Body Height: 154ft

Wingspan: 871ft

Behavior: Destroyer

Range: Worldwide

Within a Monarch containment facility atop the active Isla de Mona volcano, a mysterious Titan lies in pyrostasis within the restless magma. The legends speak of it as the “Fire Demon” or “The One Born of Fire”, but a simpler name echoes through the ancient temples of volcanically active regions: “Rodan”.


Outpost 32 is Ghidorah, here is his info

Monarch Designation: Monster Zero

Classification: UNKNOWN

Nature: Bio-Electrical

Body Height: 521ft

Wingspan: UNKNOWN


From the Hydra to the Rainbow Serpent, myth was the compass that led us to the resting place of the three-headed Titan. A name, unspoken through millennia of whispered nightmares. A living extinction event, named “the one who is many”. We call it Monster Zero.

Last is outpost 61 which is Mothra, here is her info

Monarch Designation: Mothra

Classification: Titanus Mosura

Nature: Unknown

Body Height: 52ft

Wingspan: 803ft


From erased Nazca lines to the hidden Temple of the Moth, the name “Mothra” is woven throughout the most secret mythologies of our planet. The folklore and fairy tales tell of a winged creature of blinding light, an angel of the clouds whose god-like luminescence has the power to shatter the sky.


Now....if you scroll the world you will see a little something in the water East of Japan, if you press it it is revealed to be Godzilla, and you can track his heartbeat, radiation levels and location, as well as his travel route previously...this also unlocks another level of classification to read more about the 3 Outposts, here is there extra info.



A volcanic internal combustion system of magma flows throughout a body covered in rock-like scales that act as geothermal armor. While much larger in size, Rodan has a skeletal structure similar to that of a Pteranodon - one of the earliest vertebrates known to have developed the power of flight. Just as Kong is king of the primates, Rodan may have once been king of the skies.ecause of the extreme temperatures within this particular containment facility, current lab equipment can’t function properly. As a result, thermal heat signatures on the creature are impossible to collect, and Monarch detection crews conducted cardiograms via aerial satellite for life sign detection and verification. Much like the volcano that incubates it, Rodan is alive but dormant.


At a Monarch containment facility deep in the frozen tundra of Antarctica, a three-headed winged serpent of ancient yet unknown origin lies frozen within a glacial tomb of ice. This is without question the largest superspecies ever discovered, easily dwarfing Godzilla at a height of over five-hundred feet tall.Cranial scans reveal a divergent frontal lobe density in the brains of the three heads, denoting each head has disparate levels of cognitive functions, and possibly even independent thought.


Ancient spirit tablets discovered in the mountain jungles of the Yunnan Province portray a giant winged alpha of the Lepidoptera order. In all of our findings, human civilization is pictographically shown in poses that imply deification of the so-called “Queen of the Monsters”, suggesting the creature was once a benign part of the natural order.When Monarch containment crews discovered the live Titan chrysalis within the Chinese myth site, Dr. Emma Russell was quickly dispatched to closely monitor the creature that lay dormant within it. A quickening sonar pulse suggests the creature is awakening. If she ever emerges from her ancient slumber, a superspecies that once illuminated the sky will be reborn as Mothra.


There is one more level of top secret, which I have not found out how to get, if anyone finds out share here so post can be updated.


If you follow Godzilla he is moving ever so slightly towards california....this weekend is Comic Con, I think it is safe to say he is making his way to San Diego, and will 'arrive' on Saturday for the trailer reveal

15 Replies


AdminSpaceGodzillaJul-18-2018 3:54 PM

Just approved this, thanks for posting! Working on a front page feature at the moment.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2018 4:23 PM

I really like the this version of Rodan.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2018 4:50 PM

Ghidorah is 50 meters bigger than Godzilla. The pattern still holds. This is going to be good. I really love how much they are putting into each monster. They are doing the kaiju right and I am thrilled.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2018 5:03 PM

I just realized that Rodan is being treated like Fire Rodan mixed with the Skull Island lore. In the comic Skull Island: the Birth of Kong they show some of the creature in the back of the comic. One of them is a giant turtle born out of a volcano. It's very similar to how they described Rodan here. Basically we have a new Fire Rodan.

Also they called Mothra the Queen of the Monsters. I love it!

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-18-2018 5:16 PM

thanks a lot for the approval Chris!!!

Still trying to figure out how to get the top secret information...i feel that will be given with the trailer at comic con, and the top secrets will be videos scenes of them from the trailer potentially if they are shown in it


MemberTitanosaurusJul-18-2018 10:47 PM

Sounds awesome.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-18-2018 11:33 PM

 Hey, I found Godzilla, but the next classification level not unlocked? Do I have to wait or something? Plus it says Location and Heart Beat tracker for Godzilla offline.

Edit: Nevermind, just started working


MemberBaragonJul-19-2018 5:03 PM

okay just did a count there are 18 sites of interest for monarch

Alright i am currently looking at the code of the website and will post the additional files i find

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-20-2018 2:48 PM

Crimson clearance code is 251720614


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-24-2018 5:54 PM

I'm interested to know if anyone has any guesses as to what other "Titans" might be at these other sites? Those are really exciting!

The Jurassic Bootleg

MemberBaragonJul-24-2018 6:27 PM

Welp, it was nice knowing you Kong.

Godzilla Generations was a beautiful game! I loved the fact that there's a laser cannon inside of Dr. Serizawa's eyepatch.


MemberMothra LarvaeJul-30-2018 2:16 PM

I'm guessing a few of other Classified beasts are going to be a bit of a let-down, whereas others could be great. I expect Kong to be one of the Classified Outposts, as well as perhaps one of the MUTO's. It makes sense, IMO, to include them on here for perspective.

Check out my Godzilla Fan-Forum - Monarch Sciences!



MemberMothra LarvaeSep-19-2018 9:10 AM

What’s I want to understand is How they got a thermal image  and weather readout of An awake Ghidorah but claim he’s been frozen.


MemberTitanosaurusSep-19-2018 10:19 AM

Yeah, he has been frozen....... but his vitals are clearly still intact.

As an animal, his thermal signature will remain different than that of his surroundings, even if he were cold-blooded; there's no reason to believe he would be, ESPECIALLY since he'll awakening in Antarctica.

As for the weather patterns, predictions based on his extrapolated biological features can be drawn up.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaSep-19-2018 10:47 AM

I mean, isn't he listed as bio-electric? He's probably easier to get a readout on than others. Even the Showa King Ghidorah was shown multiple times producing extreme amounts of heat from its body.

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