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Toho's contract with Legendary?

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MemberMothra LarvaeOct-20-2015 12:40 PM

We've all seen it brought up, especially before G'14 came out; someone will say 'Godzilla might die in the next one', or 'What if Legendary radically changed the design', 'what if he had a new origin', 'What if he doesn't have his atomic breath'.

Most of these are refuted immediately with the same statement; Toho won't allow it because of their contract with Legendary. The one I hear the most is 'They said Godzilla can't get killed in the movie'.

So many people have said it...but has anyone seen this contract? Do we have a reliable source if this is true or a rumor someone started that got out of control?

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MemberMothra LarvaeOct-21-2015 3:53 AM

well contracts can be modified through negotiations i think. so if legendary can present something in a way that is more likeable to toho its a possibility that it could change the contract. but its unlikely because of the whole 98 thing toho is gonna be hard to impress. but anyway im not sure where there is an article explicitly saying these things. i think this came about in an article in toho kingdom but again i dont really know


MemberTitanosaurusOct-21-2015 9:58 AM

Hey, as long as it's Toho approved, I don't care what they do. They stayed true the character the first time. They gave him Atomic Breath, so they ain't getting rid of it (even if he doesn't use it, it's still there). And it isn't like Godzilla hasn't been killed off before. 1954, Vs Destoroyah, GMK, all movies where Godzilla dies. If they do change the design, I just hope they make LegendaryGoji's eye bigger. They're just too small.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


ModeratorGiganOct-21-2015 3:11 PM

Thinking that they would actually change the design after all this is pure madness.

Good grief.


MemberMothra LarvaeOct-22-2015 1:05 AM

If Gareth Edwards directs the next movie, the design will not change.

He even stated in one of the behind the scenes videos that, even though every director has those "if I did it again, I'd do this differently" gripes, the Godzilla design is one that Gareth is completely happy with and would not touch.

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